Brian Walsby first reared his big head in the early 1980s as a prolific contributor (via letter writing) to the harcore/punk scene’s vibrant literary underground. He was an artist who had few local friends and decided that it was easy to contribute to the punk scene via the postal service. From the years 1984 through 1986, Brian drew numerous cartoons and drawings for various zines around at the time like MAXIMUM ROCK AND ROLL, FLIPSIDE, INK DISEASE, XXX, SUBURBAN VOICE, SIXTY MILES NORTH, GUILLOTINE among others. He also drew some album and single covers for bands like SEVEN SECONDS, PSYCHO, SCARED STRAIGHT, THE MELVINS, SKEEZICKS, and the Oxnard California compilation album NARDCORE. For a while, Brian had a pretty sizable name. “But after a while, you tend to get burned out, especially after moving to Raleigh North Carolina in the springtime of 1986.” says Brian. “Also, I was only twenty years old and I wanted to take my drumming a little bit more seriously so I pursued that at the expense of my art. I always drew stuff and got things printed but it definitely suffered.” All of this sets up Brian’s other outlet, being in too many bands. Started with SCARED STRAIGHT in 1984, Brian has been in numerous bands like WWAX (with Mac from SUPERCHUNK and Merge Records), SNAKE NATION (project with Mike Dean and Woody Weatherman of CORROSION OF CONFORMITY), PATTY DUKE SYNDROME (with controversial songwriter Ryan Adams), SHINY BEAST, and a stint in POLVO, joining that band for their final album and tour. After realizing, toward the end of the nineties, that he had better get serious about his artistic talent, he spent four or so years armed with newfound inspiration and a desire to improve his skills. “Although I didn’t really see that at the time. The work improved a lot all of a sudden. My initial muse for being involved in the eighties punk world was this amazing slice of history that was still a rich hotbed of inspiration which needed to be documented in some way. For instance all of these stories that I have pulled out of my hat represent the stupidity, excitement, glory, total bullshit of the time. It’s all in there. They are very “coming of age” times. After being hunted down by various people wondering what had happened to Brian; He was soon up to speed contributing artwork, interviews and cartoons to a new generation of magazines like THE HIT LIST, CHUNKLET, LEFT OF THE DIAL, RAZORCAKE and DECIBEL. This paved the way for the debut of Brian’s first ever book collection of artwork. Also dubbed MANCHILD, this one hundred and thirty page monster was put out by one Matt Owens of VOLUME ONE productions out of Brooklyn in the year 2004. A year later Brian and Charles Cardello of Bifocal Media made plans to work together on what would be an ongoing comic book with ads and the like. The idea was to continue to mine all of the unused and new work that Brian has a tendency to churn out and stockpile. Charles wisely forced Brian to stick with the MANCHILD name instead of anything else. And so it was. Brian’s work in MANCHILD will definitely entertain the older as well as enlighten the younger. The older folks out there will wisely nod their heads while reading about some kind of underground punk hero getting a little too big for his own britches. The younger folks will laugh at the idea that dorky kids used to soap their stamps on the packages they sent to other punkers “back in the day”.

Brian currently plays drums in the band DOUBLE NEGATIVE and has just launched a series of limited band T-shirts. His 5th book MANCHILD 5 was published in January of 2011.


My name is Brian Walsby. Welcome to my site. I have been a drummer/artist/cartoonist for as long as I can remember (well over a quarter of a century). This website is a way to get some of the work that I have done (art wise) up in one place along with updates on other projects and music related things. I also have some really neat wares to peddle. So..welcome kids!

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