My name is Brian Walsby. Welcome to my site. I have been a drummer/artist/cartoonist for as long as I can remember (well over a quarter of a century). This website is a way to get some of the work that I have done (art wise) up in one place along with updates on other projects and music related things. I also have some really neat wares to peddle. So..welcome kids!


In the early 1980s Hardcore Punk swept across the US like a shock wave of youthful spirit, ingenuity and aggression. Los Angeles had bands like Black Flag and artists like Raymond Pettibon and Pushead charting new waters of sound and visual imagery. New York had Bad Brains and Sean Taggart. Raleigh, North Carolina had Corrosion Of Conformity and comic illustrator Brian Walsby. Since 1984, Walsby's iconic illustrations have graced countless album covers, T-shirts and the pages of magazines such as Flipside, Maximumrocknroll, Hustler, Decibel and many others. In 2004 Brian's first book of comic art MANCHILD was released to worldwide applause from critics and fans alike. Mr. Walsby went on to release MANCHILD 2, 3 and 4 from 2006-2008. As these books have gone out of print and become sought after collectors items, Brian continued illustrating, writing and collecting photos for what was to become MANCHILD 5 Rabid Pack With Sirens Howling. MANCHILD 5 documents the bands, fans, and scene politics of the early Hardcore scene as viewed from Raleigh, NC in the 1980s. Readers are given a vivid picture of this era through Walsby's infamous comic art, rare photographs and the words of the people who lived through it all. With the band Corrosion of Conformity at the center; MANCHILD 5 proves to be a fascinating read filled with anecdotes about punk houses, scene drama, and bands like Bad Brains, No Labels, Scared Straight, Black Flag, Days Of, Wwax, Minor Threat, Confessor, Ugly Americans and many others.

For the Second time, Mr. Brian Walsby has compiled a collection of edgy, biting comic art and bad assed, rare tunes from the Melvins. MANCHILD 4 is 100 pages of illustrations and stories from a comic artist who's been poking fun at subversive youth culture, pop culture, your favorite band, and himself since the early ‘80s. You'll laugh. You'll cringe. You just might get angry and start a message board war. Contents of Brian's new book include "No! I Don't Want To Play Your Effing House Party", "Frisky's Beaver Hut", "We Were All Assholes", "My First Orgasm", "Emo Rock Revival", and tons of others. There's also an in depth Melvins 2008 tour diary that's sure to break a few eggs.

Pick Your Battles is a 15 song CD of live Melvins tunes recorded in 1989 at the 924 Gilman St. Project in Berkeley, Ca. and in 2008 at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston. The track list is as follows: Koolegged, Oven, Cranky Messiah, Raise a Paw, Ever Since My Accident, Green Honey, Claude, You're Blessened, Nude With Boots, The Kicking Machine, Eye Flys, Rat Faced Granny, The Hawk, You've Never Been Right, and Boris. You can buy these tracks on ITunes if you’re into that sort of thing. Otherwise all copies of this book/ CD have SOLD OUT.
Elder punk/art statesman Brian Walsby is back with another stinging slab of satirical comic art. In this new collection, Brian applies his fine tuned illustrative skill and wit to the following masterpieces: The Melvins 2006 Tour Diary, Life After Black Flag, SCTV: The Best Goddamn Comedy Show Ever, Magical Melvins Moments, Hang The DJ, Careers of the Black Flag My War Puppet, How I Survived Grunge, Rules For Young Rock Bands On TV, Whatever Became of Your Favorite Punk Rock Mascots, Rodney On the Rock, Well Meaning White Guilt, and many others. It’s also SOLD OUT.

Oh yeah... MANCHILD 3 comes with a Melvins CD. The Making Love Demos is a collection of 8 unreleased tracks recorded by the band in 1987. While the original master tapes have long since disappeared, It just so happens that Mr. Walsby was given a copy of this recording back in ‘88 and held onto it just for this very moment. We’ve had the whole thing mastered and tweaked for your
listening/collecting pleasure. It’s still raw as hell, but we like it that way. Four of these songs were re-tooled and recorded for the Ozma record. Four of them exist only on this CD. You can buy the Making Love Demos on Itunes as this book has been SOLD OUT for a while now. Rumor has it that Brian has a few of them up for grabs for the right bidder. They are wrapped in an old pair of briefs and buried in the backyard of his Raleigh Mansion.

“An impressive collection, compiling many of the cartoons, illustrations and show fliers he has done over the years. Equal parts Robert Crumb, Mort Drucker and Charles Schulz, Walsby works in a style of deadpan realism similar to Harvey Pekar (subject of the 2003 biopic "American Splendor") as he chronicles his life and times in the '80s punk underground.

Highlights of "Manchild" include a strip titled "Rock & Roll Death Camp, " an amusement park with "Brian Jones' Locker, " the Lynyrd Skynyrd "Freebird" roller coaster and other wonderfully tasteless rides; illustrated biographies of obscure musicians including Scott Walker ("the greatest male vocalist alive") and former Byrd Gene Clark; tributes to Corrosion of Conformity, Black Flag, the Minutemen and other icons of '80s hardcore; parody knockoffs such as "Goofus & Gallant for the '90s" and "Walsby's Believe It Or Not"; and some deeply personal strips about misadventures on the scene.” DAVID MANCONI of the News and Observer.

This one is a bit larger and thicker than the MANCHILD books that were to follow. It’s 8.5 X 11 and 120 pages of pure Walsby. MANCHILD was published by the Volume One design firm out of New York. 


MANCHILD 2 THE SECOND COMING!                                                           SEE EXCERPTS 

Over the past 25 years BRIAN WALSBY has become somewhat of a reluctant punk/comic celebrity/pariah. BRIAN’s hilarious satirical cartoons expose the punk/indie world for the overly dramatic microcosm that it often is. BRIAN has no lack of credentials when it comes to critiquing underground music and culture. Since 1983 BRIAN’s artwork has graced the pages of many magazines such as MAXIMUMROCKNROLL, Ink Disease, FLIPSIDE, Suburban Voice, CHUNKLET, Left Of The Dial, Artcore, Hustler’s “Barely legal” (we kid you not), and many others. He’s also drawn album cover art for everyone from MELVINS to 7 SECONDS. Mr. Walsby is also well known as the drummer for influential bands such as POLVO, PATTY DUKE SYNDROME (RYAN ADAMS) , WWAX (Mac Macaughn), SCARED STRAIGHT, SHINY BEAST, and many others. In short; whether or not people love or hate BRIAN WALSBY, they want to see/hear what he has to say. If you’re upset by BRIAN’s work, you probably should be.

This one follows up on the success of the original MANCHILD with comics such as The Descendents and Me, The Five Most Overrated Bands of All Time, stories about Mystic and SST Records, Male Rock Nerd Fest, Why Most Heavy Metal Still Sucks... and on and on.


MANCHILD 4 RIDIN‘ THEM COATTAILS                                                        SEE EXCERPTS 


After finally being suckered into fatherhood with the birth of his daughter Willow, Brian Walsby finally says, “goodbye punk rock, hello adu...lthood” with the release of MANCHILD 6. Joining the ride is new publisher Will Butler of To Live a Lie Records. Will somehow believed in Brian enough to spend his own money on someone who obviously is out of touch, has betrayed the scene (any scene, take your pick) and has more or less moved on. Or has he?

Despite the nonstop demands of diapers, real life responsibilities and taking the six year old Noble to school most of the time Brian has still somehow found precious time in coming up with new work. Filling out MANCHILD 6 are exclusive interviews straight from Brian’s blog (INTROVERTED LOUDMOUTH) from the last couple of years with lengthy interviews with Richmond’s TANNON PENLAND (LOINCLOTH), Raleigh’s own incredible songwriter KENNY ROBY, The split personality of SCOTT RADINSKY (PULLEY, TEN FOOT POLE, SCARED STRAIGHT) , guitarist for the DESCENDENTS and ALL STEPHEN EGERTON and a lengthy tour diary on the road with MELVINS right before Willow was born. Lots of good reading.

So if you are at all interested in punk rock, fatherhood, MELVINS, potshots at people who deserve it, Mad magazine type satire and all of the other things that Brian Walsby is known for, MANCHILD 6 is a must have and a fine addition to a growing collection of hard work.




I started to self publish last year out of necessity and did the MIDDLE AGED REBEL book. This year I am happy to announce MANCHILD SEVEN, a thirty page effort printed by my friends at Raleigh's BAREFOOT PRESS. One hundred were made, and they will all be signed and numbered by me afterwards.

The book finally is a home for a big handful of things I have done, from portraits of Howling Wolf, Exene Cervanka and Dennis Wilson, to absurd stories and cartoons ranging from Peanuts characters as rendered by Rudimentary Peni's Nick Blinko, Miles Davis shaking the hand of Ronald Reagan and daring to listening to the Eagles voluntarily for two hours on a dare. And oh there is so much more. I like everything in this short and sweet book. Hopefully you will too.