My name is Brian Walsby. Welcome to my site. I have been a drummer/artist/cartoonist for as long as I can remember (well over a quarter of a century). This website is a way to get some of the work that I have done (art wise) up in one place along with updates on other projects and music related things. I also have some really neat wares to peddle. So..welcome kids!



JELLO BIAFRA W.W.J.D.                                                                                           SEE DETAIL 

Jello Biafra was a huge influence on me as a kid. I enjoyed (and continue to enjoy) his biting sarcasm. As a nerdy teenager, I really got into it.


As the lead singer of the Dead Kennedys, Jello was one of the pivotal front men of the eighties hardcore punk rock scene. Flash forward a million years later and after befriending Jello (through the Melvins): Jello is still quite busy with plenty of projects (musical and otherwise). He just keeps on going, and that is quite admirable in my book. We talked about doing some sort of t-shirt at the start of the year and together (along with Charles Cardello), we finally came up with this one. A combination of a take on the old Norman Rockwell "Freedom Of Speech" painting with Jello's "What Would Jello Do?", which is a spoof that he uses based on...well, you know.


We hope you like this one. It was fun to do!