My name is Brian Walsby. Welcome to my site. I have been a drummer/artist/cartoonist for as long as I can remember (well over a quarter of a century). This website is a way to get some of the work that I have done (art wise) up in one place along with updates on other projects and music related things. I also have some really neat wares to peddle. So..welcome kids!



VALIENT THORR BOSTON                                                                                        SEE DETAIL 

Valient Thorr are a band from varying parts of NC. I’ve been friends with them for a few years now and they have been kind enough to employ my services on several occasions. I’ve done shirt designs for them as well as animation for their Exit Strategy music video. With the release of their 5th record: STRANGER, I am officially a fan of this bands music as well as it’s humans (or Venusians as they would have you believe). Enough of a fan, in fact, that I decided to make this shirt the 3rd in my limited band T shirt series.

This illustration is directly influenced by Boston’s album art.

Limited to 300.

TORCHE/ MEN WITHOUT CHILDREN FIRST (T SHIRT)                                           SEE DETAIL 

Torche’s music obviously has some heavy influences. These guys come from heavy bands and a heavy scene, but they don’t profess to be a “heavy” outfit. I like that. In lead singer/ guitarist Steve Brooks, Torche have someone up top who can (honest to god) sing! I like that too. Over the course of their 4 album career, these guys are all over the map and quite difficult to pigionhole. It seems that I’m not alone in my appreciation for Torche as people have reacted pretty well to this (one time) Miami based quartet.

After seeing them recently, I wrote to Steve and asked if we could do something. Knowing that some of the band enjoyed Van Halen I proposed this idea. "Hell yeah" was the response. So here it is.  We hope you enjoy this fine shirt. -Brian Walsby

LIMITED TO 300.  Ladies’ shirts are printed on Bella Favorite Ts.