My name is Brian Walsby. Welcome to my site. I have been a drummer/artist/cartoonist for as long as I can remember (well over a quarter of a century). This website is a way to get some of the work that I have done (art wise) up in one place along with updates on other projects and music related things. I also have some really neat wares to peddle. So..welcome kids!



VOID EXPLODE!                                                                                                         SEE DETAIL 

In the year 1982, four teenagers from Columbia, Maryland recorded twelve songs for a split album released later on that year on Dischord Records. Somehow, those twelve songs built a cult status that far outreached the band’s lifespan (which only lasted a few more years). This legacy lives on well over three decades after this record’s initial release. That is what happens if you are in the band VOID.


So for obvious reasons, Charles and I are really happy that these guys wanted to work with us on our version of a VOID shirt. We couldn’t agree on a color so we decided to offer this design on both black and white.


VOID WHITE VOID                                                                                                      SEE DETAIL 

A while ago we worked with VOID on a T-shirt and it went over very well. Our typical process for these involves submitting several ideas and developing the one that everyone likes best. This design, featuring singer John Weiffenbach, was the runner up when we did the first VOID tee. It still looks cool, so we (VOID, Bifocal, and I) have decided to run with it. This drawing was inspired by a photo taken by famous DC photographer Jim Saah. ‘Not a bad shirt for an infamous band whose lasting legacy of decades is the result of one half of a record from 1983 or so. We hope you enjoy this one.